LATEST BLOG | Forza Peroni!

A couple of week’s ago I had the privilege to be invited to a unique Italian dinning experience in Manchester hosted by the reknowned Italian beer, Peroni Nastro Azzurro. The home of exceptional wine, is often overlooked in terms of beer, until now, Peroni is already an established name, and has a wealth of tifosi, but being the friendly kind of brand that it is, it wants amici (friends) as well as tifosi (fans).
The location was the exceptional Manchester Art Gallery in the heart of the city, a perfect place for a fine dining and good conversation, hosted by fashion expert Gianluca Longo, previously the fashion editor at the Evening Standard.
A great experience! Longo was very easy to speak to, with lots of knowledge about the industry, as were all who attended. Influential people of the fashion industry including great conversations with Dale H, Constanze Friedrichs, Domenico Clores and not to forget the dapper chap, Alix Walker.

I now without doubt consider myself to be an Amici Di Peroni and will continue to be so.
The next dinner takes place in the capital city of style London on the 17h April. Make sure to look out for Amici Di Peroni for the chance to be invited. In the meantime, Forza Peroni!
Image Source – Blogger’s own
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REVIEW | Marni for H&M

Topically, the latest H&M collaboration, in conjunction with Marni doesn’t appear to have created the same volume of conversation, or crowds as some previous partnerships have done.
Founded in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni, Marni now trades worldwide in 16 separate locations. Style, exclusivity, Italian design, you could imagine that people would be flocking to get their hands on a reasonably priced version of a desirable, often out of reach piece. On my visit to the H&M store in Manchester’s Trafford Centre, after carefully selecting my desired outfit, I proceeded to the till, where I suggested to the helpful staff member
You don’t seem as busy as I would have thought…” which was confirmed by the response “No, we’ve had to send some security staff home, we actually had more security than customers at 9am…”

From a style perspective, it’s hard to imagine why the Versace collection for example drew in mass hysteria and daunting queues, where Marni paled into insignificance by comparison. In actuality, the unmistakable, yet understated and inoffensive designs that make up the latter collection would fit seamlessly into most fashion followers wardrobe, probably more favourably than the somewhat glaring Versace lines.
It must therefore be a case of brand notoriety that determines the draw of a crowd. This isn’t something alien, in truth it is actually commonplace that people crave what they know. Moreover, when a sizeable name like Versace is replaced by a less known one like Marni, people are likely to consider “it’s still just H&M, but dearer…”
Personally, I like Marni and after looking forward to seeing what this launch had to offer, I felt a little deflated and underwhelmed by the womenswear lines. The multiple use of three key prints was an immediate brick wall to me, as I prefer to style myself a little more individually and didn’t feel that the lines lent themselves to being toned down or accessorised well. Aside from that, the quality seemed to do justice to Marni, and the price point was pleasing.
Marni menswear has only existed within its standalone collection since 2007, and has progressed admirably, and this is exemplified in the H&M range. Less print, more style and again a good price point, sets this above the women’s collection in my mind. Style fit chino trousers, a sharp range of jackets and overcoats and some well tailored shorts make this a collection that any style conscious man should own at least one piece from the collection.
Overall, this is a step in the right direction, as far as I’m concerned for both H&M in breaking from the norm, and a good PR move from Marni to reach out wider. Only time will tell if this alignment will be beneficial for both or either business.
Image source – Google images

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Latest Post | Manchester Fashion Week

You only have to walk a couple of yards down Market Street to see the diversity Manchester has to offer. A subculture of people influenced by the history of a city with a rich tradition of re-invention and progression. Even Market Street itself, now the home of the Arndale Centre, once bordered New Brown Street and it’s independent boutiques during the 1960′s.
The first forays of Manchester musicians also came in the 60′s, with the likes of The Hollies and Hermans Hermitts. Never settling for living in the shadows, Mancunian music kept moving and in the 1980′s and 1990′s became the place where new music emerged from the streets giving a mix of alternative rock, dance and 80s meets 90s psychedelic sound.

Because of such artists like New Order, The Stone Roses, The Happy Mondays and The Smiths; music has inspired people to embrace being different and eclectic. It’s not about being mainstream. It’s about being the opposite. Manchester is made up of stylists who dress for themselves. A movement of people who enjoy to be different who don’t follow trends and reject the norm.
Afterall, the style of musical pioneers Morrissey, Shaun Ryder, Liam Gallagher and Ian Brown is as evident in their choice of fashion as it is their music.
A city described by Manchester design legend Peter Saville as ‘original modern’, this term best exemplifies the style, awareness and future of the worlds first industrialised metropolis. Manchester and fashion, popular culture, music and all that intertwine it are a way of life here. In simplistic terms, from Michael Winterbottom’s film ’24 Hour Party People’ I quote

‘This is Manchester, we do things differently here.’

For further information please register your details online. You can also follow Manchester Fashion Week via Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news and updates on this event.
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Latest Post | I’ve found a love for Teapot Vintage

A new shopping innovation inspired by the past has been brought to my attention recently. Although, who says fashion needs to be governed by any aspect of time or the sense of past, present or future?
Teapot Vintage is a company and associated website based in Manchester UK. The founders and owners, Jack and Rebecca have been working on a project of using their own hobby of finding the best styled lines from fashion history, often bargains from an assortment of varied sources to make a unique and top line Vintage shopping experience.

A break from the current fad of “vintage” stores, which aren’t in truth actually vintage at all, Teapot is 100% authentic and stocks nothing but genuine, well made clothes at fair prices. Teapot is fashion that YOU want, because Jack and Rebecca ask for feedback via their website, Twitter and any means available from their customers to determine what people want. Their enjoyment is going in search of that special piece of clothing that they know will be the highlight of somebody’s week when it is presented to them. The recognition and acceptance is attained when they are able to say “You know that top that you wanted? Well here it is…” Not off a production line, just discovered from the high street archives and led back to the foref1ront of a grateful shoppers wardrobe.

Teapot trade primarily on their own website, but also stick to the true roots of the vintage movement by involving themselves in as many vintage fairs as possible.
For me, the most pleasing aspect of Teapot is that you can be assured that for as much as this is a business, you know that the guys behind this are driven primarily by their own hobby, their own interests and passions. What better conviction could you have for buying something than by having the confidence that someone has actually handpicked their stock and considered it and enjoyed doing it.
Teapot, retail is definitely detail, and clothing with a tale…to tell.
Make sure to keep up-to-date with Teapot Vintage on Facebook and Twitter for all latest vintage finds and the chance to win freebies!
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I don’t want a instant, I want a filter!

Make mine black with two sugars

Coffee, I never drink it EVER! I’ve never had a cup of ‘English’ tea either for that matter. Working in a fast paced industry, you need your daily fix whether this is from a bar a chocolate, a cheeky handful of Haribo or maybe a nice brew.  However, it looks like I’m going to have to invest in a good old coffee from now on after discovering the….

Jimmy Choo Croc Coffee Sleeve

I mean, how amazing is this? This is an impressive idea. Well done Jimmy Choo. This would give you instant cool points. I can see it now, popping into your local Starbucks before a busy day at the office. Gingerbread coffee in a festive cup and bam held together with your very own Jimmy Choo sleeve. All the girls and coffee go-ers will be jealous.
If you would like to invest in this unique and stylist accessorise make sure to visit Net-a-Porter to purchase your very own. Only £95 and comes nicely boxed!
Image source: Net-a-porter
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Latest Event | PUMA & VICE bring you The After Hours Athletics:

Athletics should reduce stress, not increase it.

COME AND JOIN IN 24.05.2011

Are you suffering from the Monday Blues?  Is the adrenaline still rushing through your veins from the weekend?  Can you not wait to reach the finishing line to play the next game? Why wait?!  The 5 Ss of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is having the spirit to win.
Puma & Vice Magazine have teamed up to bring you a relay night of activities, filled with music, food and a few cheeky beverages. Hosting the party at the Deaf Institute will be a mix of contenders all competing to add their own spice to the sport with their main aim to get you drenched in sweat from dancing.
The line up includes as followers;

Visions Of Trees (Live)

Arrows Of Love (Live)

Gold Teeth DJs

House of Hot Breath
World Series Of Pong
*Bands start at 8:15pm to make sure you get down early to strength out.

Enjoy the games and click here to register for your free drink tokens.  The fun doesn’t stop there either.  Be a sportsman and enter yourself and your team mates into the photo competition for the chance to win £500, Puma gear and have your snapping skills feature in Vice Magazine.
All images are sourced from here
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New Music | Lady Gaga – Judas

Lady Gaga – “Judas’ is continuously on repeat in my head.  I’m infatuated with the song and the video doesn’t disappoint either. Judas is similar in ways to the blue print of “Bad Romance” with the number of different costume changes, tsunami fashion waves and styling from extraordinary Mugler, Christian Lacroix, Alexander McQueen.
”Judas” is a metaphor in reference to the Biblical story of “The last temptation of Christ.” Its is beyond repenting. It’s phenomenal.  Playing Mary Magdalene,  Gaga isn’t intending to make a mockery of Christianity but simply to highlighting in a modern creativity interpretation everyday emotions such as love, betrayal, and forgiveness.  This stands tall and sets a thought process on how in our present day society is still outcasting individuals and ”different groups.” Reverting back to the followers of Christianity in the times of Jesus not much has changed.
To watch video click here, Image source click here, -wasilewski.tumblr
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Latest Fashion | Equipment Pastel Colour Collection

With this glorious weather and the blossom on the trees stirring up the bees; Equipment have brought together a vibrant shade of pastels for us to compete with each other to stand out. Staying true to the traditional tailoring silhouette this brand is iconic for,  the colours are unbelievable beautiful, which will lift your entire wardrobe ready for festival season and your jet set holidays.  Team up with any other blocky mixes such as the popular jbrand twills for a punchy united feel or maybe a more conservative look tucked in with muted tones for a chic however minimal take.
image source – click here
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Creative Inspiration | Sunday Best Moodboard

The sky the limit.  Anything is possible. Do not continue with opening your eyes with the feeling of dread.  Create your own destiny.  The possibilities are endless.  You just need to believe. Do not sink and drown in self pithy.  Enjoy your time, forget your crooked mind and start living.
Source Images – daydream
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Designer Clothing | Marc by Marc 10th Anniversary

Marking 3 652.42199 days of signature pieces fused with distinctive prints, structured styles and everlasting “grunge” pieces.

Happy Birthday Marc by Marc.  Thank you for making it possible for an array of ladies all over the globe to be able to wear clothing which will remain statement within their wardrobe for life.  We love your bold strides of colour, fused with electric vibes of prints. Your take on fashion makes our rainy days a brighter moment.

“Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, Dressed in my Marc by Marc of glee ”

Sources images
–, touchmodelmanagement
– Writer’s own
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